And here we are..

.Hey everyone! This is one challenging assignment, and yet, I’m doing it. I’m not a big social media person anymore, but I’ll be that for an A!

A few keys moments in my day include laughter, yoga, and my child. Sometimes all three at the same time. She pushes me to be a better educator, student, and mother. Together, we’ve gotten through her first year of Kindergarten and my final years of college. She also shares my love for anime, nail polish, and chocolate. Sad to say this video is a direct replication of us some days.

I became a yoga instructor a few years ago. It was one of the most eye opening moments of my life. Unfortunately, due to Covid, I don’t teach publicly anymore. Saying I love yoga is an understatement. I’m not necessarily trying to push yoga onto anyone, but it helps me relax and keeps me agile. I don’t consider myself the typical yogi (but what yogi does). I do my best to make my practice my own. This is one of the songs I love doing yoga to. I was completely surprised to find a version like this of Earfquake.

Finally, I guess I should discuss a bit about why I’m here. I am a Mathematics major pursuing a career in secondary education. I wouldn’t say math is my passion because helping people is, but I’ve always been good at it. I believe in order to be an effective teacher, you have to understand the topic enough to convey your message to different types of learners. I understand completely that math is rarely anyone’s strong suit and that it is a frustrating topic, but I aim to change my students’ outlook on it.

Math Lady GIFs | Tenor

Until the next post!

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Hi! So glad to be taking on ds106 with you! I love yoga too, I’m definitely new to it, but I love it nonetheless.

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