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Animoji Mashup;

For this mashup assignment, you have to lip sing a song of your choice using an animoji. I chose to use the lion’s head for my video. They are one of my favorite animals. One, I am a Leo, haha. Two, I believe my fro is closest to a mane.

The next decision that I had to make was what song to use. I am a big music fan and I listen to a wide range of music. I’ve been in sort of a weird place lately and have been craving a lot of time with my family. The other day, I was really thinking about one of my cousins who passed. He committed suicide a few years ago a few months before he turned 21. My siblings and I were crushed when it happened, but we all carry him with us. I got a tattoo in remembrance of him that includes a lotus flower and the “;” symbol. One thing that we bonded with was our love of Adele. I can still picture him singing this song. Even while recording it brought a tear to my eye.

I recorded the video from the Clips app on my iPhone. I was trying to just have the head part of the Animoji but, the only thing I could find on the internet was for the Clips app. I used an Audio Editor app that I have only phone to strip the music from the video. I essentially did all the editing from my phone, uploaded it to Youtube, and here we are. Enjoy!

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