Assignment Bank!

It’s the apocalypse, huh..

For this video assignment you had to respond to the questions in the video. They are all centered around the apocalypse. The woman in the video “worked” for a lab and something went wrong. Her questions is to figure out what exactly happened based off of your experiences. For the most part, they were “What would you do if…” kind of questions. I have definitely watched enough “end of the world” thrillers to come up with a game plan. I first downloaded the Firefox add on to strip the video from Youtube. Here is the video. Then I used the video editing software on my computer to break up the questions that I was going to use. The assignment said to only use 5 questions. She originally started with 10, but a few were not really relatable.

I did take snapshots of the entire process (cropping her video, then editing in my video, adding sound and adjusting the speed, etc.), but unfortunately I did not save the first few clips. I had to settle with the last clip before I finished. These are my honest answers. I would not save anyone in an apocalypse. Do not look to me for assistance lol. Hope you all enjoy the video! It’s uploaded to my Youtube as well. The bit about my brother was not necessarily what he does on a normal basis, BUT I lie to you not, my little sister just ran up to him, stood there staring at him, and did that exact noise. I tried to stop recording my video and catch it on camera, but I was too late. So, I had him re-do it. Their a weird bunch. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something going around!

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