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Remix: Mood Swap

For the original assignment, you had to look at yourself in the mirror for a few minutes and write about what you see. You had to add in as much detail as you can (moles, scars, etc.). For the remix, you had to change the mood, if it’s happy, make it sad, if it’s exciting, make it boring. Since I haven’t done this assignment before, I’m just going to assume that my description of myself will be a positive one, so I’ll make this assignment negative.

After writing: I realized these are the little thoughts in the back of my head that’s always criticizing and nit picking. I didn’t take it as beating down on myself while doing it, but rather what I should be doing when I wake up or during the day. A bit of it was harsh and not really how I truly feel about myself.

I see someone who is T.I.R.E.D. First thing, you need to drink some water. I understand you just woke up, but there’s a bottle always next to your bed. While you’re at it, your lips are looking a little on the light purple side. I see some of your scars are healing up from your acne, but there’s still that one spot on your left cheek…water would help with that. That nose ring draws too much attention to your blackheads. Try taking it out. You should really do more to have that “I woke up like this” effect. Perhaps maybe some more sleep, those bags under your eyes really scream “I am a MOM”. Today, do something to your hair. All the new growth from your hair deserves some conditioning. And your nails deserve a new color or a manicure. Get it together girl. One thing I can say that I am happy about is that it is getting warmer. You can finally get a tan!

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