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The Wiz

One of my favorite movies is The Wiz. Michael Jackson and Diana Ross brought a whole different feel to the story line. Before the movie, The Wiz was a musical in Baltimore and later lead to Broadway in the 70s. Initially, the show did not have very much support and was on the verge of flopping. In 1978, producers in Motown created the film. The film stars a few large names such as Michael Jackson-19, Diana Ross-33, and Richard Pryor. My late grandmother showed this movie and other Motown tracks to me and my siblings at a young age. I’d recommend watching it to compare it to the Wizard of Oz.

For this design assignment, you had to choose one of your favorite movie quotes and place it over an image from the movie. In The Wiz, the “wicked witch’s” name was Evilene. She ran a sweat shop and forced her evil monkey/motorcycles to do her evil work. She sang a song in the movie called “No Bad News”. In the song she advised for nobody to bring her no bad news, “or else!”. It is one of my favorite songs in the movie. She is a little ruthless, but I feel her 100%! Don’t bring me bad news either!

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