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The founding Lemur

A long time ago, there lived a Lemur named Santos. He was born in a snow filled forest. As he grew older he began to dread the snow and cold weather. Deep down he plotted on a escape. He worked as a gatherer for his village, but due to the weather, there was not very many options. Although he and his family struggled, Santos eventually gained enough money to buy a boat. His parents refused to leave their home and go with Santos. His mother from Brazil and his father from Spain, left their homes and found roots in the woods.

Santos took off to the sea in search of warmer climates and new cuisine. After a month in the boat and food rations getting slim, he finally seen an island in the distance. As he got closer, he noticed how green the land looked and was amazed. Before docking at the shore, Santos armored up and prepared himself for the unexpected.

Santos began to fall in love with the island. He noticed new smells, new colors, and more insects than he could count. The centipede immediately became his favorite meal.

The longer Santos spent at the island, the more he felt that this was where he belonged. He couldn’t see himself going back to the forest, but longed for the feeling of his home. He thought long and hard about how he could express his new experiences to his parents if he ever seen them again. So, he began to write…

In the chance he never seen his parents again, Santos wanted anyone who came to visit that his discovery was a family effort. He decided to name his island Brain, the combination of his parents countries.

The end!

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