Daliy Creates!

Week Dos, Daily Creates

These were actually pretty fun to do. I honestly stopped using my twitter years ago, but I love creating things. They’re so random, I love it!

For this one, I saw so many dope flyers and I didn’t want to copy the template. I could still see this one as a flyer for a party.
THIS WAS MY FAVORITE! So I’m all about affirmations and maintaining my peace of mind. I have this app that sends me affirmations throughout the day and this was one of them. It was something I really needed to see at the moment because I am very critical of myself.
Need I say more? I am known for getting distracted doing homework. Who doesn’t? As a math major, I have to take breaks. Whether that be for a snack, some quality time with my daughter, or to stare at the wall.
One thing I CANNOT STAND, is the snow. I’ve never liked being cold and there’s nothing I hate more than my clothes being wet. Snow is the combination of both. An empty beach is what I’m wishing for most these days.

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