I’m not much of a video person but I had fun creating mine this week. Unfortunately I didn’t team up with anyone to create a big assignment, so I opted for the Assignment Bank. The first one I created was my point of view going to the grocery store. I highlighted all of the ingredients and attached one of my favorite songs to it, Palace by the Internet. I know I speak about them a lot on here, but they’ve grown to be one of my favorite groups.

The second video I made was a “Do this” tutorial. I tried to make it some what of a timelapse video. Sadly, I recorded it side ways to see the papers, but I think it was cute.

My two daily creates!

For my video essay, I reviewed a clip from The Conjuring. I really liked the editor and directors elevation to the climax. It was pretty evenly paced, not too much emphasis on one specific moment. I had literally just watched the movie and as I was doing the review I still jumped.

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