11 weeks down

This week showed how easily frustrated I get with video editing. When editing my NightTime Yoga video, my editing software and youtube was giving me the worst time. It took me over 3 hours to complete everything. I will just take it as a lesson learned so that I do better next time. I did enjoy the finished product for both video assignments.

  • For the first video assignment, I responded to 5 apocalyptic questions from “Dr. Nessie”. I have had these answers prepared since I watched 28 Days Later. I did attempt to have the entire process documented through pictures, but my clipboard didn’t save everything. I learned that it was possible to save all the clippings, but my settings were off. Again a learning lesson
A brief clip from the video
  • For my second video, I decided to create a night time yoga routine. As I have mentioned before, I am a certified yoga instructor. With how hectic my life is at the moment, I have not had the chance to practice in a while. So this video was more for the inflexible yogi. My video was a little dark. I tried to change different aspects of the video and add filters. When it looked right in one segment, it didn’t look right in another, so I just left it as is. I felt that providing thumbnails and descriptions for all of the poses would help especially with the lighting issue. I didn’t add it to the post, but I create my own playlists when I do yoga. Some of the songs that I played while recording were Moon- by Chon, Take off your cool (ft. Norah Jones)- by Outkast, and Take me away (ft. Syd- by Daniel Ceasar.

  • Daily CREATES! – For some reason I kept drafting all of my daily creates this week and not posting them on the day of. Stupid. I ended up posting them anyway because I enjoyed looking back through my old photos.

Overall, I think this week was a success. I plan to explore my video editing software more. After all, I had to download brand new software just to complete the assignment lol. And my PROJECTIDEAS!!

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