Final Project

It took a long time for me to finally settle on an idea. I was even planning on joining the group that I was with for the audio project, but we couldn’t settle on an idea that would work well as a group. So, I decided to just branch off and do my own thing. For my idea, I took a piece of the idea Matthew had. He posted about creating somewhat of a video timeline of your life. For mine I’m going to do an “Ode to mommy” for Mother’s Day.

My mom has always been my biggest supporter, no matter what I was doing: yoga, painting, school, EVERYTHING. She never asks for anything. So this video I’m sure will bring a tear to her eye. That’s honestly my goal when I give any gift lol. I plan on incorporating pictures from her and my childhood. I was thinking of recreating some pictures with my siblings as well. I think it would be pretty cute to have my daughter make a video too. My mom has played a HUGE part in raising her with me since her father is now permanently disabled. That’s a whole extra story, but I asked all of them (my 3 siblings) and my dad to make about a 30 second video about their favorite memory and something they want to say to her that they may not have the courage to say in person. I’m going to chop the videos up with the photos to make the video. I’m thinking of using Boys II Men’s song a song for Mama instrumental. So far I have 2 videos received so wish me luck! She raised a great set of kids and this is the least we can do for her.

I understand that not everyone has a good relationship with their mom, but I still feel like this would link your story with our story. Everyone has a “mom” regardless of the type of relationship. This opportunity is not just to give praise but to actually say what you feel. It’s about releasing feelings to the person who is directly connected with you.

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