La tercera semana

This week made me think more about how we are all linked together through different events in our life. I thought back about when I played in the snow. Every single one of us has at least one moment that we thoroughly enjoyed playing in it. Whether that’s when we are a child or last week.

That moved me to think back to my family and how close we are. For 2 of my writing assignments, I wrote letters to my niece and my mom. I am very family oriented and I’m sure if or when they read these letters, they’ll know how much I love them.

And of course, I loved the daily creates this week. I remember the day spongebob premiered. I was in the fifth grade and every week I would come to school and geek with my friends about that week’s episode. Also, that song, Penthouse Cloud, is one of my favorite songs everrrr! I came across that photo a couple of years ago and it’s always stuck with me.

The first video was hilarious! I don’t know why it made me laugh so much, but what he said was absolutely correct. Every movie or tv show has the same story line. I remember when I was in grade school, I truly believed I had the same daily flow every day. I’d either have a good day at school and a bad day at home or vice versa. In reality, my entire day was good, but I made myself think that if I had a good day part of the day, the rest of the day would be the opposite. Did it really have to be that way? Was I just used to that flow from watching it on a show or even playing a game? It really got me to thinking about being mindful of what I read or how I take in information. I read the “I link, therefore I am” story. It made a lot of sense. With digital storytelling, you can literally go anywhere. I like how they referred to a possible story as a labyrinth. It made me think of those stories that allowed you to make a choice and jump to a page. I was that person that liked to weigh my options. I’d see what outcome would come if I made one choice or the other and make my final decision from there. But how complex could you really make the story? The writer or developer would have to have endless options to create different story shapes. I think in today’s age of entertainment, it’s getting kind of dull. Yes, there are still shows, movies, and games that blow my mind, but I’m sure it’s just building off of something that has already been done. Where exactly could we go from here?…anyway I’m still figuring out how to work this without the post being so long. I’ll hit youtube next week to figure that out! Again, another challenging yet rewarding week. Until next time!

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