This has to be one of the most difficult yet rewarding videos I’ve edited this semester. I asked my siblings to send me a video for our mom for Mother’s Day and I got 2. Lol. But my friends came through and helped me out. I feel that this video is a reflection of how deeply we care about someone that made a monumental change in our lives, mother or not.

I edited it on Animotica. I initially started on Clips, but I had too much editing I had to do and switched. I had to snip the part of the videos where everyone said “ Hey mom” then edit in their pictures. I played a little with the transitions. I had a little difficulty getting the audio to match back up once I added in the photos. I figured out that once I added in the blur transitions I had to add a second (exactly) to each photo duration.

I hope you all enjoy the video and celebrate your moms or significant figure on Mother’s Day. Thank you for a memorable semester professor Bond!

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