My photo journey.

I’ve always been a fan of photography. I even have a few DSLR and film cameras. I used to take strolls around town or my neighborhood and just snap cool photos of things I saw. Now my photo collection is mainly selfies and pictures of my family. I used to be very passionate about photography, but now it’s just “in the moment” pictures. In my camera roll, I have a lot of pictures of my family and of concerts that I’ve been to. I try to capture the feeling in that moment or some sort of abstract view of the moment. My pictures are rarely head on, usually at an angle, and preferably a candid moment. I believe pictures capture the essence of the moment. From one photo you can tell someone’s emotions, passions, and possibly even empathize with the photographer’s view. I think that I do a decent job of capturing the general emotions of a moment in my photos. I definitely need to put more thought into them as I’m taking them rather than spur of the moment or when I’m feeling up to it.

My queen!
One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, The Internet- Hive Mind Tour.

These are two of my most prized photos of all time. At the time, I didn’t put much thought into how I took them, just how I felt in the moment.

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