Photo Blitz!

This was very entertaining. I literally didn’t leave the house because I hate the cold, hence the photo depicting the weather. There was no way I was stepping outside, but this activity made me think outside the box, especially within 20 mins. I personally thought the toilet paper roll was hilarious. I struggled a little finding a smile. I didn’t want to be cliche and post a selfie. Overall, I did put a lot of thought into taking these photos. I don’t think I focused too much on the steps to be a better photographer. I honestly, did this post before reading anything.

A photo that represents termination..
Show me the FOOD!!
As you can see, it was too cold to go outside, but there were clear skies!
//Converging lines +
A little smile

Of course, I could not actually press play lol. I usually only watch this tv on no more than 15 and its loud enough.

This is probably my favorite photo in the photo blitz. As soon as I seen this list, I plotted on this picture. Lilies are my favorite flowers. They just look so elegant.

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