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I really enjoyed listening to the other radio shows. I tuned in on the 3rd day, so I listened to my groups project, A day in a Pandemic, Walking Memory Ave, and Messy March.

  • I really enjoyed relistening to our radio show. I realized have to work on my tone. I sounded pretty monotoned throughout the show. I really appreciated the feedback from everyone on Twitter. It made me feel really good about the work we did. If I had to change anything, I think we could have done a bit better making sure all of us had the same volume. Since we were unable to use the HCC we kind of had to improvise. Over all, I liked the conversational style that we did.
  • Walking memory ave- I LOVEDDDD the music, especially in the intro. I think they did a really good job blending everything together and they’re commercials were great. I really liked that there was an unintentional theme of changing what they though was their passion and finding something else. I found a few people who have the same major or are heading into the same direction. It really made me want to meet everyone lol.
  • Messy March- this was HILARIOUS. The tone that they used was very similar to a news anchor which was great. I found out a lot of juicy info listening to this. The last person really was beating himself about not having enough info to provide but I though he still did well. He filled up the time with shoutouts which I laughed a lot about.

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Thank you for the kind words on our radio show, Walking Memory Ave!! It’s so interesting how the theme popped up. It was unintentional, but once all our stories were put together it was obvious!

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