One of my favorite groups of all time! I am a concert junkie and every time they have been in the area, I was there. Covid has really bummed me out because I had a festival and a few concerts planned. There was a point in time I went to at least one concert a month for close to a year straight. I’ve seen J. Cole, Childish Gambino, Logic, Nipsey Hussle, Juicy J, Chainsmokers, and so many more. The experience is always breathtaking. The last Internet concert I went to I met them up close and personal. I got a shirt and signed poster. I also got to tell Syd how much I loved her. Ultimately, I was front row at the concert. This is probably my favorite concert experience of all time.

One of my dreams would be for them to come to Fredericksburg. I know our area is so small and will probably never see a true concert, but I can keep my hopes up. Having to drive to Jiffy Lube Live, DC, or Richmond can definitely be a hassle, but I’ll do it for the right performer. For this assignment, we were required to create a flyer for an artist. Here is the flyer I created for just that occasion!

Of course, I’ve paid much more, but just for the assignment $10 is cool.

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