Weak Phor

I initially thought I would be a little more in my element this week, but I still learned quite a few things. I noticed that as of lately, I don’t put too much thought into my photos. I just click and call it a day. I do intend on applying some of this to my pictures in the future. The quality is just so much better. My favorite post this week was the Photoblitz. Again, I did this post before I actually read the Becoming a better photographer article, but I think overall, my photography has improved.

This is definitely my favorite photo that I took this week from the Photoblitz.

And this is definitely my favorite photo that I created this week from the Visual Assignments.. C’mon now Biden…

I really liked On Schraff’s Behalf’s favorite photo post and A Tripp through my life’s photoblitz post. I also liked my incorporation of Nipsey and London, rest in peace.

  • This one was a little difficult. I really tried to find items that no one would guess.
  • Bubby&Beaux touched my heart!! They are the very first dogs my family has ever had and I love them to death.
  • My reflection of my pictures thus far…
  • And of course DAilyCreaTEs

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