Week 12

This week I enjoyed reminiscing. For my first Mashup, I did a lip singing video to Adele’s Someone like you. That song has always been very close to my heart, so it meant a lot to put it into an assignment. One thing I wished I could have changed would be to only have the Animoji head. I think that may only be something you can do with a Mac. From what I seen, my only option was to use the Clips app from my phone. The post explains more why I chose the song and lion’s head.

For my Remixed assignments, the first one I had was to do a “mood swap” to an assignment. It was a little tricky because I never did the original assignment. Essentially in the original assignment, I had to look at myself in the mirror and write about what I seen. For the remix, I had to make it sad or less exciting. I opted to do a negative review of myself. It was a little weird because I felt like I was hating on myself. I don’t necessarily feel that way about me, but those thoughts come up in the back of anyone’s head. I also did a remix for one of the flyers I did and a sort of contradictory photo. I’ve done one of those photos in the past, but in the spirit of the haunted show I was watching I did another.

I think the Mashup assignments were close to my favorite so far. I’ve always seen the “remix” button, but never really cared to click on it. I will also say that the Daily creates this week were less interesting than ones I’ve done in the past. I ended up doing 2 of the poem ones and the pasta Olympics.

A few of my favorite posts this week are from Megan and Jasmine. I thought they were both creative and Jasmine’s was hilarious.

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