I really enjoyed the creating a story this week with my Daily Creates. When I first seen the assignment this past weekend, I immediately plotted on a story. I decided to create a story about a lemur that discovered a new country.

I also really enjoyed the radio shows. I decided to listed to 3 radio shows, including my own group’s show. I laughed the entire time I listened and was in awe at all the work everyone put in. Everyone’s commercials were very clever.

I also put in a lot of thought into my project ideas. I really wanted to produce ideas that would really be easily relatable. One that I really would like to do is the one on cryptocurrency. I have a lot of friends who are into it and it honestly looks fruitful. I would be open to that or even learning more about stocks. I also liked the idea of tips for my younger self. That would also be something that everyone can talk about.

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